Excerpt - The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest

Excerpt - The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest

Book 1: An Unlikely Husband

Sophie sipped her claret and casually observed the crowd. She’d never seen such a display of jewels: rubies, diamonds, emeralds, even amethysts, twinkling on necks, fingers, wrists, and hair, creating a fairy tale image. The men looked perfectly tailored in their cutaways of black or gray with snow-white cravats immaculately displayed.

As she perused the gathering, her gaze fell upon the broad back of a man standing several feet away. She took in the enormous shoulders, the narrow waist, the longish black hair. Everyone else, including her betrothed, who was gulping down his third drink, faded away. The man reminded her of Holt. His hair was shorter but his height, his build, even the arrogant stance of self-assurance, reminded her of him. Her pulse skipped three beats as the man tossed his head back in laughter. Rich, deep, sensual tones resonated to her, held her, drew her closer. She must see his face

She had tortured herself in this manner many times before. The glimpse of a tall, broad figure with black hair would drive her to near insanity until she saw the man’s face. Each time, she prayed it would be Holt, but it never was. After each disappointing discovery, a mixture of sadness and relief flooded her. What would she do if one of these nameless men actually turned out to be Holt Langford? The man laughed again, a soft, velvet ripple breathing through her. And then, as though sensing someone watched him, he turned and met her gaze. Navy eyes pierced her and stared straight through her as though he had not seen her. Without a backward glance, Holt Langford, Earl of Westover, casually strode away, a blonde beauty clinging to his arm.

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