List of Books

Readers have asked, so I’ve created a printable book list showing the formats available for each one… Thanks to all of my readers for your continued interest in these stories! Click here to download a printable Book List

Here is a list of my books listed by Genre and series:

Contemporary Romance:

Truth in Lies series

  1. A Family Affair
  2. A Family Affair: Spring
  3. A Family Affair: Summer
  4. A Family Affair: Fall
  5. A Family Affair: Christmas
  6. A Family Affair: Winter
  7. A Family Affair: The Promise
  8. A Family Affair: The Secret
  9. A Family Affair: The Wish
  10. A Family Affair: The Gift
  11. A Family Affair: The Weddings, a novella
  12. A Family Affair: The Cabin, a novella
  13. A Family Affair: The Return
  14. A Family Affair: The Choice
  15. A Family Affair: The Proposal
  16. A Family Affair: Bonus Scenes
  17. A Family Affair: The Homecoming (Coming soon)
  18. A Family Affair Boxed Set 1, Books 1-3
  19. A Family Affair Boxed Set 2, Books 4-6
  20. Meals From Magdalena, A Family Affair Cookbook

Park Bench series

  1. A Family Affair Shorts: Destiny
  2. A Family Affair Shorts: Regret
  3. A Family Affair Shorts: Love
  4. A Family Affair Shorts: Heartbreak
  5. A Family Affair Shorts: Peace
  6. A Family Affair Shorts Boxed Set

NEW! Reunion Gap series

  1. Strangers Like Us
  2. Liars Like Us
  3. Lovers Like Us
  4. Couples Like Us

NEW! Small Town Perfect series

  1. Small Town Perfect Boxed Set 1
  2. Small Town Perfect Boxed Set 2

That Second Chance series

  1. Pulling Home
  2. The Way They Were
  3. Simple Riches
  4. Paradise Found
  5. Not Your Everyday Housewife
  6. The Butterfly Garden
  7. That Second Chance Boxed Set 1 (Books 1-3)
  8. That Second Chance Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)
  9. That Second Chance Series Boxed Set (Books 1-6)

The Betrayed Trilogy

  1. Pieces of You
  2. Secrets of You
  3. What’s Left of Her
  4. The Betrayed Trilogy Boxed Set

Best Intentions

  1. The Sweetest Deal
  2. The Perfect Deal
  3. more to come

Historical Romance:

An Unlikely Husband series

  1. A Taste of Seduction
  2. A Touch of Seduction
  3. A Scent of Seduction
  4. A Breath of Seduction
  5. A Dash of Seduction
  6. An Unlikely Husband Boxed Set

Young Adult

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