Suggested Reading Order

Truth in Lies and That Second Chance Series

Finally! A reading order that blends the Truth in Lies and That Second Chance series. I’ve talked to many readers who don’t understand how the series fit together. It only seemed appropriate that I explain…

  1. A Family Affair (Book 1 of Truth in Lies)
  2. A Family Affair: Spring (Book 2 of Truth in Lies)
  3. A Family Affair: Summer (Book 3 of Truth in Lies)
  4. A Family Affair: Fall (Book 4 of Truth in Lies)
  5. A Family Affair: Christmas novella (Book 5 of Truth in Lies)
  6. Simple Riches (Book 3 of That Second Chance)
  7. A Family Affair: Winter (Book 6 of Truth in Lies)
  8. Pulling Home (Book 1 of That Second Chance)
  9. A Family Affair: The Promise (Book 7 of That Second Chance)
  10. The Way They Were (Book 2 of That Second Chance)
  11. A Family Affair: The Secret (Book 8 of Truth in Lies)
  12. Paradise Found (Book 4 of That Second Chance)
  13. A Family Affair: The Wish (Book 9 of Truth in Lies)
  14. Not Your Everyday Housewife (Book 5 of That Second Chance)
  15. A Family Affair: The Gift (Book 10 of Truth in Lies)
  16. A Family Affair: The Weddings novella (Book 11 of Truth in Lies)
  17. A Family Affair: The Cabin novella (Book 12 of Truth in Lies)
  18. The Butterfly Garden (Book 6 of That Second Chance)
  19. A Family Affair: The Return (Book 13 of Truth in Lies)
  20. A Family Affair: The Choice (Book 14 of Truth in Lies)

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