Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt: Pieces of You

Book 1: The Betrayed Trilogy

Sometimes hiding in the shadows is the only way to protect your heart.

Quinn knew what he wanted—information about the mystery woman. “Who was the woman in here working the blowtorch?”

Arianna lifted a shoulder and toyed with her necklace in a way that told him she didn’t want to talk about it. “Just a friend of a friend.”

“I’ve never seen her before.” But I plan to see her again.


Why such stingy answers? What was she hiding? Quinn’s lawyer instincts kicked in. “Is she working for you?” He wondered about her name, something exotic no doubt. Ellysa. Anastasia. Veronica.

“Sort of.” She uncapped the whiskey and poured two fingers in each glass. “It’s temporary.”

That could mean anything. Or nothing. “So, who is she?”

“She’s too quiet for your tastes.”

What was that supposed to mean? So, he’d dated some women who oozed sex and loved the limelight almost as much as they loved him. That didn’t mean he was a complete caveman. He had manners. He had style. Besides, the mystery woman had her own brand of sex appeal. “The way she was working that blowtorch did not look quiet to me.”

Arianna ignored his comment. “It’s a complicated situation. You do not want to get involved.”

Oh, yes, I do. “I’m just curious.” 

She shook her head and a swirl of golden blonde sifted along her back. “She’s lying low for a little while. I took her in as a favor to a friend.”

“Lying low as in hiding?” He’d heard those words before. Classic for in trouble and trying to get out of it. “What did she do? Skip out on her rent?”

Arianna looked him straight in the eye and said, “She shot her husband.”

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