Excerpt - Secrets of You

Excerpt - Secrets of You

Book 2: The Betrayed Trilogy

He's not who he says he is...but neither is she...


That voice. His voice. She looked up and there he was, standing just inside the door, not twenty feet away. Longer, leaner. His dark hair almost shaggy, his skin deep bronze, his face thinner, making his cheekbones and jaw stand out in an almost too-pronounced manner. He looked tired and guarded and his eyes—oh, those brown eyes held her, stroked her, made her want to run to him and— Then she remembered; she hated him. “Hello, Ash.” Amazing she could speak, more amazing still, her words were coherent.

He moved toward her, those eyes still on her, devouring her with heat and need, and something else? Regret? Sadness? “I bet the last person you expected to walk through that door today was me.”

“A true understatement.” Were they really going to engage in idle chatter when she wanted to scream, Why did you leave me? Where have you been all this time? And then, Why did you come back?

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