Week 5 of Gloria's Notebook Reveal

I’m deep in Magdalena with A Family Affair: Winter, but wanted to take a second to let you know that Gloria’s at it again! It’s Wednesday and the 5th installment of her notebook is oozing with hatred and a vow to get even. We’ve only got a few more installments to go, so get ready, because you won’t want to miss next week when Gloria goes after Nate and exposes a secret he may or may not have known about. Could she not leave that poor man alone? Apparently she is not going to let anyone enjoy a second of happiness, even if it’s her own daughter. Lovely woman, isn’t she? See you next week…

Gloria’s notebook reveal from Mary Campisi’s A Family Affair novel.

Click here to see this week’s notebook reveal.


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julie cooke

Never in my 57 yrs [besides ramona books bt beverly cleary] have I picked up a book that I coyldnt put doen. You hd me at the first page. The “goddamn” ease bit much for me, but omgosh! truly the best book I’ve read in many many many years. Thank you.

Mary Ann Dunbar

wonderful books!

ELSIE quiles

Looking forward to reading the next book hurry

Julia McCue

Will you be writing a book about LOrd Trent from the book A Toouch of Seduction. He seemed so SaaS.He really needs someone to love him. Would really like to read his story. Thank you


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Your books