Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Charles’s Final Letter to Gloria

  1. Charles Blackworth's final letter to Gloria 2:32

Dear Gloria:

I have thought of sending this letter so many times, but I could never quite bring myself to do it. Why was that?

Fear? Worry? Weakness? I’ve spent most of my life shouldering the responsibilities of running a company and providing for my family, and while the weight has been heavy at times, I’ve never regretted it. Nor have I regretted marrying you. We share a daughter who has given me more joy than I ever thought possible.

I hope one day she will find her own path to happiness. We have not been the best role models for Christine and I wonder if our issues have kept her from finding someone who values her, someone she can love. Connor Pendleton is not that man. Love and marriage must be about more than joining families to build

empires. Pendleton is more interested in our daughter’s portfolio than her thoughts. We must take partial responsibility for that. I’m referring to the deficiencies in our own relationship. Surely, you know they exist. Don’t you?

When my sister died, I realized how precious life is, and how very unpredictable. I would never hurt you—not intentionally—and I will always care about you, but I can’t go on pretending happiness and contentment in our marriage and neither should you. We may share a home and a name, but “we” died years ago. I see 2 choices: continue as we have been, living as strangers, or divorce and begin a new life. I choose life. I hope you will, too. When I return to Chicago, we’ll meet with Thurman Jacobs and discuss what needs to be done. I’d like to tell Christine together. 

Gloria, please know I will take care of you and make sure you want for nothing. You must wonder why I’ve chosen to tell you of my decision to end our marriage in a letter instead of face to face. I wonder this myself and yet I know it is the only way I can release the words I’ve carried in my soul for too many years.

We are still young enough for a second chance at happiness. Let’s take it.

I’ll see you in a few days and then we’ll talk.



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