Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Charles’s Final Letter to Lily

  1. Charles Blackworth's final letter to Lily 1:25

My sweet Lily:

Do you know how much Daddy loves you??

I love you…

more than three scoops of cherry chip ice cream.

more than Mom’s banana nut bread.

more than snow angels on a starry night.

more than ten flannel shirts!

more than my fuzzy slippers and you know how I love those!

more than our walks in the woods.

more than sitting by the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows.

Bundle all of these together and I love you MORE!!

You make my heart smile every time I look at you. You’re growing up, Lily girl, and next month we’ll drive to the stables and check out the horses. Your birthday will be here before we know it and what happens when you turn 14? You’re going to ride a horse!!

I’ll have to get extra film for my camera so I can take a lot of pictures. Do you think 10 rolls will be enough? When we’re together again, we’ll count the days until your birthday and your very first horse ride!!

I’m sending you a big hug—bigger than the whole state of New York.



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