Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

A Dog and His Words

A Dog and His Words 1What started out as a curiosity has turned into a quest to improve our rescue dog Henry’s vocabulary. During one of our FaceTime calls with our oldest grandchild, we learned she had new sight words: and, like, they, said, see. That prompted us to wonder how many words Henry knew. We started writing them down, including the ones we have to spell such as truck, car, and ramp. Henry knows words like back up, give, dish, collar, and inside. Forty-three words so far! He A Dog and His Words 2understands hand signals too, but apparently, he thinks come, leave it, and heel are sometimes optional!

Curious to learn about Henry’s expanded vocabulary? Here’s a complete list, and growing weekly: look, find it, collar, okay, good boy, inside, outside, shake, no, home, that’s all, flag, drink, let’s go, Henry, Give, Go, Ball, Back up, come, wait, stay, heel, sit, leave it, truck, car, walk, potty, poopie, leash, Daddy, Mommy, Sadie, Frankie, Bobo, eat, dish, bed, treat, lay down, down, ramp.

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