Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Behind the Scenes

When I’m reading a series or watching one on television, I have tons of questions, and when the book or season ends, I still have a few left. Sure, the big plot points are covered, but I’m talking about the “behind the scenes” stuff that gets left behind when the next book/season starts. While they aren’t necessary to resolution, this inquiring mind wonders about those things. A lot.

When I think about my own books, I know readers have questions when a story ends. For the A Family Affair books, I created a series of 5 short stories focusing on the people and the town of Magdalena. Check out the Park Bench series to read about them.

NOTE: Many readers want to know who Christine’s real father is—that’s easy: I have no idea, and unless my almost ninety-one-year-old mother wants to know, I’m not even thinking about it!

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