A Family Affair Shorts: Heartbreak

A Family Affair Shorts: Heartbreak

Book 4: Park Bench Series

The story before the story…

 What happened before A Family Affair began? Bestselling author, Mary Campisi, answers this question in her new Park Bench series. These short stories make the perfect park-bench read, and are named after her signature park bench covers.

In Heartbreak, Book Four, Gloria finally decides to confront her suspicions that Charles has been having an affair and hires a private investigator. It is one thing to suspect, but what she discovers is so much more than a simple affair. And for those who remember Gloria’s ability to exact revenge, you won’t want to miss this!

 Note: These stories are intended for those who’ve read A Family Affair, Book One in the Truth in Lies series, and provide an in-depth look into the lives of the characters readers love to love—even a few they love to hate. Don’t miss these compelling collections!


Park Bench series:

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