Excerpt from A Family Affair: Spring

As promised, here’s a mini excerpt from A Family Affair: Spring. It’s not edited and might change a bit, but you’ll get the feel of it, and read how Gloria’s up to her old tricks again… And I said I was going to redeem this woman? She’s a real pill…

This is a scene where Gloria descends upon Magdalena, unannounced, of course, and corners Nate Desantro, her son-in-law.

From Nate’s point of view:

“I don’t give a damn what you think about me. Christine and I love each other and that’s something you damn sure know nothing about.” There. He’d said it. Gloria Blacksworth paled, sputtered, then calmed so quickly, he almost wondered if he’d imagined her earlier upset. He should not have goaded her; it was low and cruel. But dammit, she’d pushed him.

“I’ll make you regret those words.” She stood, smoothed the wrinkles from her slacks and gathered her handbag. “Good-bye, Nathan.” Her tone was cool, assessing, dismissive. She turned to leave, stopped and shot him a parting glance. “Tell your mother I think of her every day.”

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Nina Reale Riggio

Please keep me posted. I can’t wait to read it. Loved Family Affair. Nate and Christine belong together, but I see Gloria causing trouble..

Linda Gibbs

Looking forward to reading part two.


Oh my God just read family affair in 1an a half days could not put it down! Can’t wait for the next instalment just hope they stay happy together. Fabulous book, Fabulous author.


This was such a lovely read, like the gal above meand read it within 2 days on my nook. Congratulations on making such an endearing novel. I cared for each character but except the high-maintance, rich bitch left behind while the others were finally finding their happy place in the world. It was such a nice surprise to find at the end of the book you were already working on, ‘Spring’! I hope Uncle Harry is invested im this next one, I really want him to find love and live in. Thank you!


LOVE this story! Couldn’t put the book down. Can’t wait to read more. And I LOVE all of your characters… You truly bring them to life!


I absolutely can’t wait for the next books! A family affair is by far the best book you can get on the kindle!


I have said time and time again that I wasn’t going to start a series until all books are published. The suspense if the next book KILLS ME!!!!!! Cannot wait for book 2. Thanks for a wonderful book 1.

Yvonne Heijboer

Thank you for writing this book. It kept me occupied on my business travel could not wait for plane to take off to continue reading the story and it travelled with me from the Netherlands where i live to the UK to Georgia and Florida in the US and just finished it on my return from Moscow. Cannot wait for the new release to be reunited with this family. Again thank you for the pleasant hours you created for me with this book

Liz Keith

Your book was amazing, read it in a day, cant wait for the next installment. Your character’s are all written so eel you feel you know them and what they ae going to do next. Thsnk you for a grwat way to spend a Sunday.


I very much enjoyed A Family Affair and look forward to your next book. I noticed in the book that Gloria referred to Miriam as Miriam “Blacksworth”. That was never addressed in the book and I wondered if it was a mistake. Now that I see you are writing another book in the series, I am guessing this might be answered? Waiting and wondering!!