Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

My Family Got Together

My Family Got Together 1Last April, my siblings and I got together with mom at my house in Ohio. We haven’t all been under one roof in almost ten years. Bill and Mark are West Coast, Annie’s South, Mom’s East, and I’m Midwest. Some of us have made it to weddings, graduations, or holiday times, but the matchup to have all four siblings with Mom in the same location has been difficult to accomplish. But last April, we did it! The house was crazy-busy and loud with music, chatter, grandkids, stories and lots of laughter. Oh, and the food…can’t forget about that!

I’m including pictures and here’s an exhausting detail; there’s only a five-year difference between youngest, (Annie) to oldest, (Bill). I can’t even imagine… It was great to see our adult children interact with their aunts and uncles…to see mom with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren… And of course, Henry, our rescue and people lover, was in heaven with all of the commotion and attention! Memories are built on moments and we certainly had ours this past April.

My Family Got Together 2 My Family Got Together 3
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