What is the suggested reading order for your series?





Note: The iPhone backgrounds do not contain the series reading order.

They are just a bonus supplement.





Finally! A reading order that blends the Truth in Lies and That Second Chance series. 

I’ve talked to many readers who don’t understand how the series fit together. It only seemed appropriate that I explain:

I was so excited about sending characters from That Second Chance series to Magdalena in Truth in Lies, that I didn’t think about the order in which they should appear or how it might confuse readers and make them skip the experience altogether. But a few conversations with my engineer-brained husband made me realize that a suggested reading order was necessary. 

So, I commissioned a graphic that shows how the two series mesh. This is the first of two. I’ve made it available in a high-quality, print PDF and wallpapers that will fit both your desktop and mobile devices.

They’re my gift to those of who tell me on a daily basis how much you truly love Magdalena (and maybe want to live there.)

It took some time and quite a bit of thought, but I’m pleased with the outcome and hope you will be too.

Happy Reading, and I’ll see you in Magdalena!




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Linda Yutzy
Linda Yutzy

Thank you, Mary, I really enjoy reading all of your books.

Helen Scanlan
Helen Scanlan

Thanks Mary, your books are wonderful. You make your characters come to life on the pages. Thanks so much!

pamela barnes
pamela barnes

I really enjoy your books. My daughter and I anxiously await your next one!

Linda Clemons
Linda Clemons

Thank you Mary for your wonderful books, I thoroughly enjoy them.

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