Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

That Second Chance is coming to Magdalena

I love creating secondary characters—they can be so complicated and yet so very intriguing. I’ve often wondered how they’d react if they were given the opportunity for their own story.

Well, the opportunity has arrived!

I plan to introduce people from That Second Chance Series to A Family Affair’s Magdalena, New York, starting with Simple Riches’ “Bad Boy”, Michael Androvich and “Good Girl”, Elise Pentani. They’ll both appear in A Family Affair: Winter, which is not going to make them one bit happy, seeing as they’d rather live in different universes than spend another minute in the same town. I guess that’s what happens when a person gets left at the altar… (Not saying which one, but it’s going to be brutal and humiliating.) I can’t wait for the residents of Magdalena to meet these two and see if they can help heal two broken hearts. With Lily’s curiosity and Pop’s matchmaking endeavors, it will be quite interesting…

Note: The following characters from That Second Chance Series will appear in future A Family Affair books, though not necessarily in the order listed:

Grant Richot (Pulling Home, That Second Chance Series, Book One)

Angie Sorrento (The Way They Were, That Second Chance Series, Book Two)

Adam Brandon (Paradise Found, That Second Chance Series Book Four)

See you in Magdalena!


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