Liars Like Us

Liars Like Us

Book 2: Reunion Gap

What happens when destiny ignores the rules?

Tate Alexander has the good luck to be born with looks and charm, and the bad luck to belong to a family where money and power mean more than honor and integrity. When he returns to Reunion Gap to take over his father’s company, he’s determined to uncover and right the wrongs his father committed. He’s also determined to win over Charlotte Donovan, the woman who’s stolen his heart. But she’s not impressed with his looks or charm, a small detail he doesn’t intend to let stop him. And while the rest of the town acknowledges and respects the longstanding Alexander-Donovan feud that has pitted the families against one another for generations, Tate ignores it in his quest to convince Charlotte they belong together.

Charlotte Donovan is big on causes and vows no man will ever “own” her, especially a playboy who can’t commit to a vehicle let alone a woman. There’s only one problem; her heart isn’t listening to her brain. In fact, her heart is doing its darnedest to overpower her brain, as in snuffing out logic and common sense. The only way to battle it is to create a web of lies that begin and end with one goal—keep Tate Alexander believing she doesn’t care about him.

But maybe she’s so busy keeping her lies in place that she almost misses the man’s devotion to his siblings, and his dedication to righting past wrongs his father committed. Maybe the man isn’t arrogant and self-serving after all, but compassionate, kind, and honorable. Add those qualities to his natural charm and good looks for a very dangerous, very irresistible combination; one Charlotte can’t ignore.

When the lies catch up with her, it’s not going to be easy for a man like Tate to forgive the woman who betrayed his trust. Is it too late for them or can destiny step in once again and give them a chance at happiness?

You’ll also officially “meet” the following people:

The ultra-shy Hope Merrick

The cheater-doctor-husband, Carter Alexander

The recovering-stroke-victim-bad-guy-tyrant, Harrison Alexander

And more!

Stay tuned!

Reunion Gap series:

Book 1:  Strangers Like Us

Book 2:  Liars Like Us

Book 3:  Lovers Like Us

More to come

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