I can’t wait any longer

I have had this cover for several months and can’t stand it any longer. I have to share it! I love my flowers and this cover captures the brilliance and beauty of Spring, as well as spotlighting the themed park bench. So, without further delay, enjoy the cover for A Family Affair: Spring!

I’d also like to let you know that for a limited time, Pieces of You is $.99 at all major retailers AND The Way They Were is FREE (except on B&N-sorry!) If you haven’t read these, you might enjoy a copy now.

Happy Summer!



  1. Oh lady…. I cannot WAIT for the next Family Affair novel! I’ve re-read it probably half a dozen times and it just gets better with each read.

    You have a gift….

    • Vkaryl – Thank you!! I think you’ve read this book as many times as I have! Well, not really, but I’m touched you continue to go back to it. Again, many thanks. I think you’ll like the twists and turns of A Family Affair: Spring….there are some interesting ones!

      Take care,


  2. Can’t wait to read next book first one was grt couldn’t put it down.. hopefully won’t be long for UK release date

    • Hi Myria:

      Thank you! I do love my UK readers, so yes, once A Family Affair:Spring releases in the US, it should follow in the UK shortly after. I’m posting release date, description, and pre-order info in a few minutes, so check it out!

      Take care,


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