It's a Boy...It's a Book

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It’s a Boy…It’s a Book

Mary and new grandson
Mary and new grandson

Hi Everyone:

This has been a busy, family-filled summer that included a family cruise and a new grandbaby. The cruise was my first ever and might sound like an interesting choice for someone who isn’t particularly fond of water, suffers motion sickness, and is definitely not a fan of hot weather. However, it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with our adult children, (minus the pregnant ones), with no interruptions like cell phones, computers, work, and all of the other daily intrusions. THAT’s why I chose a cruise. More on that in an upcoming blog.

And the pregnant couple? Well, our new grandson is tiny and long, with big feet, a perfectly-shaped head, and a strong nose. (It’s a darling nose and he IS going to grow into it.) He’s a snuggler; the perfect remedy for stress reduction. As A Family Affair’s Harry Blacksworth says, “There is nothing like a child to show you the meaning of life.”

Speaking of children…A Family Affair: The Gift is now available for pre-order on iBooks, Amazon, and B&N. Kobo will be available soon. Despite the “controlled” chaos in my life, I was able to move the release date of this book to August 18th!! More good news coming soon!

On another note, did you know Charles Blacksworth wrote a letter to Nate Desantro that no-one has read yet? Yes, he certainly did. And remember Gloria’s notebook? Well, that’s going to re-surface soon because as we all know, if there’s not drama, it’s not Magdalena.

One last comment: I recently had to re-load all of my books to iBooks and lost every single review. Every. Single. Review. This was beyond painful, but necessary. If you’ve read my books on iBooks, would you please consider rating and/or reviewing the books you’ve read? I know this is a huge “ask”, but it would help me tremendously. As always, thank you for your continued loyal readership.



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