Mini excerpt from A Family Affair: Spring

As the days for A Family Affair: Spring, Book Two in the Truth in Lies series draw closer, I thought I’d post a mini excerpt from the book. This one isn’t edited yet, but you’ll get the feel of it as Harry tried to dig himself out of trouble…he is such a messed up but lovable character!

See what you think…

Harry stood outside of Greta’s tiny house and studied his list. Who knew spilling your guts could be confined to a 3×5 lined note card? Not him, that was for sure. But here he was, a fool in a gray suit and a lavender tie, squinting at the card because he’d left his readers in the car and dusk was settling in. Oh hell, he’d practiced the damn speech so many times he didn’t need the card to prompt him. He’d come here because the last eighteen days had been a mix of torture and agony, with Greta in the middle of it all. From that fatal luncheon when she’d witnessed Bridgett purring and pouring herself all over him, Greta hadn’t spoken one personal word to him. What do you think about adding Portobello mushrooms stuffed with zucchini and topped with Parmesan cheese to the menu? was not a conversation starter. He’d attempted a few jokes, even recycled ones that had once made her burst out laughing, but he got nothing. Dead stare, pinched lips, nose in the air. She could do a good impression of Gloria without even trying.

And there you have it….

Off to get Harry out of trouble!


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  1. I just got done reading the first book on my Tablet, and can’t WAIT to read this one! =)

    • Hi Diane:

      Thank you! Make sure you sign up for the release notification if you haven’t already done so…as I just wrote a few seconds ago, A Family Affair: Spring will be out sooner than November!!

  2. I just go us her book one. I really enjoyed it. I am excited to read the next book.

    • Hi Becki:

      A Family Affair: Spring released today!! Can you hear me singing??? I beat my deadline and am delighted. It’s currently available on Amazon, B&N, and itunes. Thanks for the kind words…now go download and enjoy!!


  3. Hello, I just read the first book – A Family Affair. I thought it was good. Please put me on your list for updates on the next one.

    • Hi Scottie:

      You wrote this at the perfect time because A Family Affair: Spring released today!! No waiting for you! You can sign up for future release notification on my website and also on my facebook page. The book is available on Amazon, itunes, and B&N …Kobo soon, hopefully.

      Take care and thanks for taking the time to write.



  4. Read book one a few months ago and now I’m going to download the new book. Can’t wait to start reading it! Great series, Mary. Thank you for writing them!

    • Hi Karen:

      Thank you! I’m very excited for readers to get back to Magdalena and find out what’s happening. There will be some interesting twists and turns…

      Enjoy and have a great weekend.


  5. I thought the next book was going to be a continuation of the last book “A FAMILY AFFAIR”. That was great!

    • Hi Susan:

      Thanks for taking the time to write. A Family Affair: Spring is a continuation of A Family Affair. You will read about Harry and Greta, Nate and Christine, Gloria, Lily, Miriam….I’ll also introduce new characters who will play key roles in future books. I hope this answers your question.

      Take care,


  6. I absolutely loved this story. Was very excited to see thay
    T the story of Harry and Greta would be finished. Thank you so much. You made my recovery after surgery so much better! Can’t wIt to down load a family affair; spring! Thanks

    • Hi Beth:

      First, best wishes for a speedy and full recovery from surgery. If reading A Family Affair: Spring helps with the recovery, then all the better! It’s available now, two months ahead of schedule. That’s actually an amazing feat since I am never early for anything!

      You must read all about Harry and Greta, because that poor man is going to be so full of unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotions, he’s not going to know which way to turn. And imagine him with Greta’s kids?? Oh, it was such great fun to write.

      Take care, rest, and enjoy AFA: Spring.


  7. I just finished A Family Affair and loved every minute of it! What a wonderful surprise to find out the next book just came out. I will download it immediately. Look forward to the one after that also.

    • Hi Cindy:

      You are one of the lucky ones! These poor other readers had to wait and wait for me…I’m glad the timing worked on this one so you finished Book One and could roll right into Book Two. Speaking of books, once I finish up with a few projects, it’s on to A Family Affair: Summer!

      Thanks for writing and so glad you enjoyed the story.



  8. Finished the first book a couple weeks ago, and now just finished the second! SUCH a fantastic book and couldnt stop reading! when does the third book come out?

    • Hi Taylor:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed these stories and apologize for the delayed response. I’m working like crazy to finish up other projects so I can start A Family Affair:Summer. I’ve been thinking about Tess & Cash’s story for a long time and have started two different story lines, just not sure which I’ll take yet… I’m thinking AFA: Summer will be out around June, but if all goes well it will be sooner. I’ll keep everyone updated.

      On another note, I have a narrator getting ready to begin audio production on A Family Affair!!

      Take care and enjoy your week.



  9. Absolutley Loved this book and cant wait until the 2nd comes out!!!! Great job!!!!

    • Hi Staci:

      Thank you!! I’ll keep everyone posted on AFA: Summer!


  10. I enjoyed both of the Family Affair books and look forward to the Summer book next spring. Hope it is finished sooner. Thanks!

  11. I love both books so far and can’t wait for the next one to come out! Great great reads!

    • Hi Tracy! Sorry for responding so late. My mom was in town for several weeks, and then came Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am so glad you enjoyed both A Family Affair books. I just finished listening to the audio version of A Family Affair and wow, I love it! The narrator does an excellent job with the characters, but I especially love what she’s done with Uncle Harry, Gloria, and Lily. Gloria really does sound like a witch:) Next up is A Family Affair: Summer in late Spring or early Summer.

      Thanks again and best wishes for a healthy, peaceful, and happy 2014!


  12. I really loved both of these books and I’m upset I have to wait for the next one to come out lol I finished both in two days!!! They are great and I loved reading them can’t wait to read what is next to come thank you so much mary!!!!

    • Hi Crystal:

      Oh, no, I better write faster!! I always love to hear when a book captures someone’s heart, and it’s even better when that book is one of mine. Thank you very much for the kind words. Next up is A Family Affair: Summer and I’ll be in touch with progress and expected release dates. Right now, we’re looking at late spring or early summer.

      Take care and Happy 2014!


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