Will there be more "A Family Affair" Books?

That’s the question readers ask most, even more than “Will we ever find out who Christine’s real father is?” (I still don’t know the answer to that one… I mean, I really don’t “know” who Christine’s father is!) There’s a reason for this. Had I decided early on which man would be her father, I might have written in such a way—unconsciously or not—to steer the reader in that direction. But since I have no idea, we can all keep guessing.

I might not be able to answer the paternity question, but I can answer the one about the future of this series. Yes, there will be more! I’ve still got people’s stories to tell and loose ends to tie up. Loose ends drive me crazy. When my husband and I watch a movie that leaves too many unanswered questions, we create our own “endings” so we can have closure. The same goes with a series that ends on a cliffhanger and then gets cancelled. No!!!

So, the Truth in Lies series, aka the A Family Affair books, will continue to move along, introducing new characters, answering questions about old ones, dragging others we’re wondering about into the light…

AND, I’m writing a series of short stories that tie into the A Family Affair books and give readers an up-close look at what happens after the story ends! Or, as is the case in the first set, what happens before the story begins!

Find out more:  A Family Affair Shorts: Destiny

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Introducing Reunion Gap series


On June 13, 2017, I invite you to the small town of Reunion Gap, Pennsylvania for Strangers Like Us, Book One of my Reunion Gap series.

If you enjoyed my “A Family Affair” books, these have the same feel, set in a small town surrounded by secrets. Yes, there’s heartache, betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. But…this small town doesn’t open its arms to strangers and wayward drifters. Why? Because years ago, many of the residents were swindled out of their life savings by the smooth-talking stranger they trusted.Strangers Like Us

So, what happens when a beautiful woman arrives in Reunion Gap, bent on helping the town and those in need? Well, a person can only fight the laws of attraction so long…and good deeds should not go unnoticed, should they?

When the son of the man who lost everything falls in love with the daughter of the man who stole it all, there can only be heartache ahead when she’s exposed. And she will be exposed. It’s only a matter of time, and no matter how good her intentions, heartache is coming.

Will forgiveness and redemption follow?

I love writing about hope and second chances in small towns where the residents have known their share of heartache. I grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, so it feels very natural for me to write about a place where everybody knows everybody and a handshake is your word. But the best part is creating bonds that hold people together, friendships that endure, and of course, happily-ever-after—with a few bumps along the way!

I do hope you join me as I begin this journey to a new town with interesting people, and big secrets!

Here are a few snippets from Strangers Like Us:

“Sometimes I come out here at night and breathe in the fragrant air, gaze at the stars, and remember how life used to be when the children were little and Jonathan and I had such dreams. Those were the best times,” she said in a soft voice. “The very best. We didn’t realize it at the time, because we were so darn busy just trying to get through the day-to-day challenges of raising a family. We told ourselves that one day, life would settle down and we’d have everything we ever wanted; we’d take those trips we talked about, buy that camper, visit the kids wherever they ended up. Or maybe we’d just sit and do nothing. It didn’t matter, as long as we could do it together.” She clasped her hands to her chest, bowed her head. “We thought we had so much time…”

Rose Donovan

A man in a cowboy hat with a Texas twang doesn’t walk into a small town like Reunion Gap and ask for a cup of coffee without getting noticed. Same thing had happened when he’d moseyed into Magdalena, but back then he’d been pretending to be someone other than who he was—an investigator on the hunt for answers. This time around, he wasn’t hiding behind another persona, not that he was going to straight-out admit what he was doing in Reunion Gap, but at least the town would know who he was and what he did for a living. Investigators tended to make people edgy, and when a person got edgy, sometimes they revealed information they didn’t even know they were revealing.

Lester Conroy

“Don’t worry, I’m not looking for a wife, but I usually just play along.”

“Usually?” She stared at him. “How often does this happen?”

“The matchmaking part?” He shook his head, sighed. “Whenever the opportunity arises, and if it doesn’t, she creates the occasion. So, I’d like to apologize up front for the discomfort you’re bound to feel when my mother starts her full-court press.”

“Full-court press?”

“When she goes all out and really tries to match us up. Tonight was a warm-up.”

Rogan Donovan to Elizabeth Hastings

That’s all for now! See you in Reunion Gap.



Week 5 of Gloria's Notebook Reveal

I’m deep in Magdalena with A Family Affair: Winter, but wanted to take a second to let you know that Gloria’s at it again! It’s Wednesday and the 5th installment of her notebook is oozing with hatred and a vow to get even. We’ve only got a few more installments to go, so get ready, because you won’t want to miss next week when Gloria goes after Nate and exposes a secret he may or may not have known about. Could she not leave that poor man alone? Apparently she is not going to let anyone enjoy a second of happiness, even if it’s her own daughter. Lovely woman, isn’t she? See you next week…

Gloria’s notebook reveal from Mary Campisi’s A Family Affair novel.

Click here to see this week’s notebook reveal.


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