Bonus Scenes...those little extras...

I love reading bonus scenes or watching bonus clips on television. If someone told me I could read about or watch Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet get married, I would be beyond excited. Imagination is great, but there are times when I don’t want to imagine or guess—I want to know! I even want to know when storylines change and what might have been… That’s why I created these bonus scenes and extras from several of the A Family Affair books. 

  • Wouldn’t you like to know what Nate Desantro was thinking right before he married Christine?
  • And how about discovering Harry Blacksworth’s thoughts as he prepares to give Christine away?
  • Lily is still one of my favorites and she’ll warm your heart with her innocent and yet spot-on observations about the wedding, life, and love in Magdalena. Don’t miss these and more in this collection of bonus scenes from various A Family Affair books.

I loved writing these scenes and now I want to share them with you. Enjoy!

A Family Affair: Bonus Scenes

Will there be more "A Family Affair" Books?

That’s the question readers ask most, even more than “Will we ever find out who Christine’s real father is?” (I still don’t know the answer to that one… I mean, I really don’t “know” who Christine’s father is!) There’s a reason for this. Had I decided early on which man would be her father, I might have written in such a way—unconsciously or not—to steer the reader in that direction. But since I have no idea, we can all keep guessing.

I might not be able to answer the paternity question, but I can answer the one about the future of this series. Yes, there will be more! I’ve still got people’s stories to tell and loose ends to tie up. Loose ends drive me crazy. When my husband and I watch a movie that leaves too many unanswered questions, we create our own “endings” so we can have closure. The same goes with a series that ends on a cliffhanger and then gets cancelled. No!!!

So, the Truth in Lies series, aka the A Family Affair books, will continue to move along, introducing new characters, answering questions about old ones, dragging others we’re wondering about into the light…

AND, I’m writing a series of short stories that tie into the A Family Affair books and give readers an up-close look at what happens after the story ends! Or, as is the case in the first set, what happens before the story begins!

Find out more:  A Family Affair Shorts: Destiny

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Emotion IS the Story

When my father spoke in a stern voice, which was most of the time, I cried. When my brothers tormented me, along came the tears. As time and years passed, I cried at heart-tugging books, movies, or real-life situations. I was a regular dripping faucet, and it was a problem!

It would take practice and much self-talk to control the tears, but I did it. I even learned to internalize the sad stories I read or heard about, and felt so deeply, I would ponder the story or situation at great length. What must it feel like to experience the following; a sick child, a cheating husband, a dying parent… As I wrote, these emotions breathed life into my characters, and became their emotions. Eventually, I learned to blend humor into the stories.

I still cry when I read, watch, or hear about a sad tale, but when I’m creating my own work, I give those characters humor to lighten the load of humanness that cloaks them.

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