Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Possibility isn't just a word.

Possibility isn't just a word. 1As summer moves into Ohio, I’m thinking back on all 18 books in the Truth in Lies series. Kind of crazy for a series that was never supposed to be a series.

In my younger days I might have ignored the signs that A Family Affair needed more books because it would not have fit into my “plan” otherwise known as this-is-what-your-life-will-look-like map. I would have moved on and written other books and never ventured back to A Family Affair, no matter how many times I wondered about it. There would have been no Pop Benito, no more couples and happily-ever-afters in Magdalena, and certainly no more Lily adventures. Instinct and gut would have been pushed aside in favor of “the plan”.

Thankfully, I’m not twenty-two anymore and my map is marked with detours, secondary routes, and possibility. It is the possibility that led me to writing and it is this possibility that guides me all these years later. And now, back to the book because while possibility matters, work brings it to life!

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