New release reminder and Mary Campisi on Facebook

Hi Everyone:

As I finish my last round of edits and prepare for a final read of A Family Affair: Summer, I wanted to make sure everyone knew the following:

I have a new release sign up on my website – You can sign up for new release notifications and I think once you do that, you might receive a ‘one time’ option to sign up for sale notifications. If you do that and I have a book that goes on sale, you’ll be notified. The big thing is to make sure you’ve signed up for new release notifications.

I mention this because I received a lovely email from a reader the other day who didn’t know AFA: Spring was out and wasn’t sure about AFA Summer. I’m sure I made her happy with my answer that ‘Spring’ was available and ‘Summer’ was on its way.

I’m also on Facebook, though I am not very good at it and regularly mess things up. Still, my reader friends seem to like to see pics of my flowers, my dog, and random thoughts about life, kids, and my books. If you want to check it out – I’m here: facebook:

Okay, I’m off to post this so I can follow up with snippets from A Family Affair: Summer!

Happy Monday!


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Marie super

I would like to receive the latest book “Secret Letters of Charles Blacksworth which I will purchase at iTunes I also see a book called “The Secret” which confused me. Are they the same book or 2-different books

Marie Super
Marie Super

Secret letters of Charles Blacbsworth and “The Secret” are they the same book or 2-different books

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