Thank you, Walmart

A Family Affair now in Walmart
Thank you, Walmart

Opportunity. It’s such a huge word, stuffed with hopes and dreams, all lined up and waiting for that one perfect moment to burst into the open and brighten our world with possibilities. Unfortunately, we never quite know when opportunity will hit, so we’ve got to stay prepared, no matter how long it takes. In my case—seventeen years!

I’d like to announce that Walmart will bring my bestselling family saga, A Family Affair, Book One of the Truth in Lies series, to their stores! I am honored and humbled that this book has been chosen to appear in select stores. (Perhaps it is fitting that a book about hope and second chances was chosen!) Thank you, Walmart, for your faith in A Family Affair.

I have no idea which Walmart stores will stock A Family Affair. So, if you find it in your local Walmart store, take a picture and tag me on my Facebook page. You’ll be entered to win a $25.00 Walmart gift card. (I’ll give away 4 of these until November 15, 2015.)

Once again, thank you, Walmart, for this great opportunity!

Best Always,


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Bev Fasig

This is a fantastic book series! I look forward to the next book!

Lucy wright

Omg huge congratulations… I hope it gets to our walmart stores in the UK :)

Becky Lower

Congratulations, big time, Mary, for making it into Walmart! What a coup. I’ll look for it next time I’m in the Oberlin store. Well deserved kudos.


Mary, waiting for the 8th and 9th books within the Truth in Lies series to be released. When are they scheduled to be available??!?!?!?

J.S. Scott

I think this is phenomenal. A huge congrats to you. I’ll be looking for your title in the Walmart stores.

SJ Francis

So very happy for you. Love when other authors do well.
S.J. Francis

Mackay Bell

Big news! Congrats. I’ll keep my eye out for it.

Trinity Blacio

This is fantastic, okay cough up how did you do it?

Becky Lower

Congratulations, Mary! You are a great author, so Walmart’s decision makes perfect sense. I’m on the lookout for it here in Oberlin.

Gail Karp

Just discovered your series of “Family Affair” and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading them though I’m only starting the third in the series, your writing lifts me up and brings me to a place my heart needs to be. Sorry I missed your deadline of November 15th but I’m so glad I discovered your books….you are an excellent writer! Thank you for coming into my life…..


Helen gonzales

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I look forward to reading the rest of the Family. A#air series. Can’t wauit