Week 2 of Gloria's Notebook reveal

Hello Reader Friends:

Guess who lives here???
Guess who lives here???

Welcome to week 2 of Gloria Blacksworth’s reveal. Take a peek here and read what Gloria is thinking when she learns her dreaded fear is true: Charles is having an affair. There’s a moment here where Gloria teeters with indecision…should she confront her husband when he walks in the door on his return from seeing the other woman, wait until they finish their “welcome-home” dinner, or should she remain silent? If you know anything about Gloria, she’s not a silent woman, and yet we all remember how this scenario played out.

If you didn’t know what was going to happen, would you feel even a little sorry for her? I ask this question quite a bit and the answer is always “absolutely not”. If you feel that way now, just wait until the last installment! I can pretty much guarantee you will want to head to Magdalena yourself and burn that darn notebook.

But it might already be too late…stay tuned!


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A. N. Owen

Hi, just wanted to ask whether you’re planning any more books starring Tula Rae. I really loved her, with all her wisdom and quirkiness :D

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