Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Week 3 of Gloria's notebook reveal

mary-featureIn week 3 of Gloria’s notebook revelation, she is attempting to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity. She watches him, tries to detect changes in his behavior, and all the time, wonders why she has not confronted him. But then she considers a possibility that disturbs her. Perhaps she’s not confronted him because she fears he will make a choice and he will not choose her. Perhaps he will choose his mistress and his other life. Oh, that does smell a lot like fear, doesn’t it?

Fear would be an unwelcome emotion for her, one she does not want to accept. Fear leads Gloria to rationalization and of course, excuses. Seventy-two hours a month is not that bad. Charles is not an uncaring man because if he were, he would not travel to a different state for his liaison. Goodness, thank you, Charles for such consideration! (That’s me, being sarcastic.)

But Gloria continues with her rationalization, telling herself he does indeed care and if he didn’t, he would lack the consistency of pattern. Four days a month. Hardly the pattern of a grand romance. It is this last thought that drives her to conclude the “relationship” is fleeting and will be over in six months. Yes, well, not exactly correct. I think she’s off by a few years…

Be sure to check in for next week’s installment, when Gloria’s anger really surfaces and she writes as if she’s talking straight to Charles. AND, we’ll see a “picture” of Charles and Miriam! Yes, there’s much more to come and you can be sure Gloria is readying for battle!!

Click here to go to Gloria’s Notebook.

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