Excerpt - A Taste of Seduction

Excerpt - A Taste of Seduction

Book 2: An Unlikely Husband

“But most of all, a lady never, ever kisses a man as you did the other night.”

Francie tried to pull away, but Alexander wrapped the ribbon around his fist, bringing her closer still. He devoured her with his gaze that breath by breath settled on her lips. “Never, ever,” he murmured.

How dare he accuse her of unladylike behavior when he was the cause of it? And what of him? “And a gentleman should never kiss one woman and court another,” she hissed in an equally hushed tone.

He released her with such force she fell back against the squabs and landed on her elbows. “Stay away from me, Francie. Just stay away.”

“It was just a kiss,” she said, trying to underplay that night.

Mrs. Vandemeer’s body leaned sideways at an arresting angle, her rather large bonnet squashed against the carriage window. Quiet snores erupted from her thin lips.

“Just a kiss?” he growled. “How many other men have you kissed like that?” His eyes narrowed to silver slits. “How many have you allowed such intimacy?” He ran a hand through his perfect hair three times, making pieces stick out. “How many, Francie?” His words fell out in a low, furious tone. “How many have been inside your mouth, tasting you? Touching you?”

Her cheeks burned. “None.”

“None,” he repeated. “I shouldn’t have either. You do realize that, don’t you? Only your betrothed should be permitted such liberties. Only your betrothed should know you taste like honey and whimper when he touches your breast.”

Oh, if only the carriage floor would open right now.

“And we both know,” Alexander whispered, “I’m not your betrothed. I’ll never be your betrothed.”

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