Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt: The Way They Were

Book 2: That Second Chance


There it was again. That damn heat in his voice pouring over her like a trail of hot wax. Had she really thought she could have a civil conversation without remembering the way they were?

“Are you okay?”

He reached out and covered her hands with his. They were so much larger than she remembered, his fingers covered with a light smattering of dark hair. He stroked the back of her hand…slow, casual, so very sensual. Her breath skittered through her lungs and fell out in a long sigh.

“Did you love him?”

“What?” His touch pulsed through her, blotting out fourteen years of marriage to another man.

“Did you love him?”

She yanked her hands away and buried them in her lap. “That’s an inappropriate question.”

His gaze slid across her face and paused on her lips. “It’s only inappropriate if the answer is no.”

“This was a bad idea.” She gathered her purse and scooted toward the edge of the booth.

“Please don’t go.”

It was the obvious pain in his voice that stopped her.

“I’ve been waiting fourteen years for this. I was coming back, Kate. I wasn’t going to leave you.”

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