Coffee chat with Bette Lee Crosby

HibiscusI had the pleasure of “coffee and a chat with Bette Lee Crosby” the other day. We talked books, dogs, and of course, food. I’d like to share the post with you. Bette and I met through our mutual friend and fellow author, Christine Nolfi. Funny how the world works because Christine and I met at our local writers’ group and became friends before she moved out of the area. We connected again a few years after she moved when my husband and I visited South Carolina. It was probably one of the coldest and rainiest weeks on record but Christine showed us a place where they made the best peach cobbler!  It was worth the trip.

Here’s the link to my conversation with Bette and as always I welcome questions:

On another note, this is a very exciting week. A Family Affair: The Wish releases on Thursday.

Bree Kinkaid is finally going to get her happily-ever-after with Adam Brandon (from Paradise Found, That Second Chance series), but it’s not going to be quick or easy. You won’t want to miss the fireworks as one of Magdalena’s favorites meets Mr. West Coast. Should I mention he’s handsome, intelligent, wealthy, and an all-around good guy? (Oh, but he has a broken heart…forgot about that.) Guess that makes him a wounded hero in need of a second chance, and we all know Magdalena’s just the place for second chances.

And I know many of you have no time or patience for the “bad girl” of Magdalena, Natalie Servetti. She’s done her share of wrong and worse than wrong, including almost breaking up Nate and Christine Desantro. But those of you who read A Family Affair: The Secret know she’s trying to right her past misdeeds, and now she’s met a man who might just give her a chance at happily-ever-after. Will her past destroy that chance or will love indeed conquer all?

BONUS MATERIAL: Included with this e-book is an excerpt from Not Your Everyday Housewife, That Second Chance series, Book 5. It is also a prequel to A Family Affair: The Gift

If you want to make sure you get your copy asap, there is still time to preorder:


I hope you enjoy “coffee and a chat with Bette Lee Crosby” and I’ll see you in Magdalena.


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Genetha Johnson
Genetha Johnson

How do you get all the series of books our local library seems they can’t borrow any more from any library’s in the areado you have any suggestions

Sallie Lesesne

I am trying to find the book a family affair the gift by Mary campisi

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