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Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt – A Family Affair: Summer

Book 3: Truth In Lies

The doorbell rang at 10:52 a.m. Tess used to set her watch fifteen minutes ahead so she arrived on time, but even so, she was invariably ten minutes late. Looked like that had changed. He wondered what else had changed since the last time he saw her. Cash sucked in a deep breath and eased out of the chair. The pill made his steps slow, the effort forced. He tried to shut down his brain, but the damn thing wouldn’t cooperate. Two more small steps and he opened the door.

The eyes grabbed him first, the color of dew-coated grass in the early morning. So clear, so true, he almost lost his balance.

“Hello, Cash.”

Same voice, but deeper, sexier, if that were possible. Her hair was shorter, cut just below her chin, parted on the side. It looked blonder than he remembered. She still had a damn beautiful body, thinner he guessed from the looks of her arms and neck. No belly, small breasts, and just enough curve to mold to his body.

Eight years changed more than a person’s skin and hair. It changed things deep inside them, sometimes for better, many times for worse. In Cash’s case, it was the latter, but she didn’t need to know that unless she’d already figured it out.

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