Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt: A Family Affair – The Cabin

Book 12: Truth In Lies

Elissa had a lot going for her.

She didn’t talk too much and when she did, the topics weren’t filled with nonsense.

She didn’t seem to need layers of makeup and hair products to start her day.

She listened. How was that for a novel approach to friendship? 

She had a laugh that made him want to join in.

And when she looked at him, she really looked. Her lips were soft, her body, curved in all the best places…

Crap. Pete pushed the man-in-hunting-mode thoughts aside and went back to the non-sexual assessments. Too late. His brain had wandered down the road of “how can you ignore the hot-blooded female in front of you” and once the thought was in his head, it spread to other parts of his body, the parts that had no business thinking about her. Damn it. Was he really going to ruin a good thing by being physically attracted to her? It wasn’t as though she was drop-dead beautiful like Heather or any of the other women he’d dated. And she didn’t have that I’m-going-to-have-you look that used to make him hard and planning for the party. Elissa had something more tantalizing, more compelling; fresh-faced honesty and words that didn’t begin and end with sexual suggestions.

And that made her irresistible. He slid a gaze her way, landed on the roundness of her butt, parked there. Shit. He wanted her. So what? Wanting and having were not the same. Just because he wanted her, did not mean he was going to have her. 

Did it?

Well, did it?

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