Excerpt - A Family Affair: The Decision

Excerpt - A Family Affair: The Decision

Book 18: Truth in Lies

“Hello, I’m Grayson Westfield.” He offered an almost smile. “You must be Mimi Pendergrass.”

“Mimi?” Audrey shook her head, wished her friend were here right now. Where was the man Mimi had promised her would be old and stodgy?

His dark brows pinched together. “You…aren’t Mimi Pendergrass?”

The culture in his voice said class and lots of it. “No, I’m Audrey Fairlayne. Mimi’s out of town and I’m filling in.” She forced a smile and motioned for him to enter. “May I help you with your suitcase?” He eyed her as if the question were ridiculous, or maybe he expected a servant to appear and whisk his suitcase upstairs.

“That won’t be necessary. Just show me the downstairs layout and the electrical outlets.”

She darted a glance at his briefcase. “Mimi said you’re a businessman and you were coming here to relax.” The man wants a bit of R&R and Magdalena is just the place for that, Mimi had told her. Aside from his food preferences and noise restrictions, I doubt you’ll know he’s around. Not exactly true. A man like Grayson Westfield was difficult not to notice. She might be able to ignore the handsome face and lean build, but those eyes were too assessing, the voice too intimidating to pretend he didn’t exist.

And for someone who hadn’t conversed with a stranger in three years, especially not an attractive male stranger, this was going to be a huge problem.

Those gray eyes studied her with a coolness that said she had no idea what a businessperson did, especially one like him. “I am here to relax, though the term by definition is offensive. Lounge, dawdle, bum around, goof off?” He raised a brow, his lips pinched in distaste. “Those are not words I care to have associated with myself or my behavior. And to clarify, a person may relax while still conducting modest business transactions.”

Snob.“Thank you for the thorough explanation. I’ll take care not to mention such an offensive word in your presence again.” Snob, snob, snob.