Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt: A Family Affair – The Gift

Book 10: Truth In Lies

“Will you be here when I get back or will you just disappear? Like you did last time?”

“That is not fair.” Those green eyes burned him. “This is nothing like last time.”

“Isn’t it? Aren’t you setting the stage to run away from me like you did when JJ died? You make up your own mind, even if you’re so far off base you’re in another ball field, but you don’t care about anything but getting away.” The more he spoke, the angrier and more desperate he became. “Why do you get to make the choices that affect both of us? Don’t you think I’m hurting, too?” She clamped her mouth shut, stared at him. “Yeah, Daniel Casherdon doesn’t show his feelings, does he? Naw, he’s a tough guy, and besides, he’s too busy making sure his wife doesn’t fall apart every time she sees a baby to show his real feelings.”

“Stop it. Don’t make this about the past. You’re putting our marriage in jeopardy by trusting a woman you only think you know. She’s dangerous and you refuse to see it.” The tears were gone, the sadness too, replaced with an emotion he couldn’t identify. Maybe because it didn’t look like emotion at all. It looked like a whole lot of emptiness where feeling and love used to be. Tess squared her shoulders, stared straight at him and said, “When this marriage falls apart and that woman’s behind it, remember that I tried to warn you.”

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