Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi
Mary Campisi

Excerpt: A Family Affair – The Weddings

Book 11: Truth In Lies

His father spoke with a gentleness that reminded Anthony of when he was a little boy and didn’t understand why his family couldn’t go on fancy vacations like his other friends. The answer was big and glaring but he couldn’t see it, didn’t even know where to look. Had he totally misread a situation again? Did Ramona not want to marry him? “Look, just say what you’re thinking and be done with it, okay?”

“Ramona Casherdon is a prickly one, but not for the reason most people think.” He shook his head, his eyes bright. “She doesn’t want to get hurt, but worse, she’s afraid to trust in happiness or a man, no matter how bad she wants it.”

“I love her, Pop. I would never hurt her.” Why couldn’t she believe that? How could she not know that he only wanted to make her happy?

“I know you do, son, but it’s a big leap of faith to ask a woman who’s been alone and on her own so many years to let another person in, especially one who has so much power over her.” He rubbed his jaw, nodded. “That would not sit well, and I’m sure she’s having a time of it.”

“If she’s so skittish, why would she accept my proposal? Why wouldn’t she just say ‘no thank you’ and be done with it?”

“I’m guessing the proposal came over the phone?” When Anthony nodded, his father sighed. “It’s a mite easier to say yes or no when you’re talking through a phone line. But when that other person is standing eyeball to eyeball and you can hear them breathing, that’s another story. Makes it all real, and I’m guessing she’s got what’s known as cold feet.”

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